After months of reviewing a whole lot of travel blogs & asking a multitude of friends who have done the year/(s) of traveling thing. The equation is simple and broken down like this:

More countries = more money

More stops = more money


Asia < South America < Central America < Africa < Australia = Europe < Americas

Of course I am talking about these regions lumped together, and yes, I am VERY aware the likes of Hong Kong / Singapore definitely up the cost average for Asia.

but generally speaking, this is the cost relationship of what you can expect in those regions.

Good to keep in mind when planning the trip overall.


I have friends who have traveled around the globe for USD$ 11,000 for an entire year – spanning about 16 countries, and I know someone who only bought a one way plane ticket to Asia, zero planning and traveled around for a year on about USD $1000 / month.

Now, I wanted to do a trip around the world – hitting all the major places I wanted to go, but then after going through the countries list, I realized that it was JUST not doable in a year, unless I was at each place for only a few days. I like the idea of being able to see a whole lot, but the reality is, I want to ENJOY the places I visit and get a sense of what the places are, so sadly, I do have to prioritize the countries / destinations to the “must see,” “would like to see” and “maybes”

This is when you need to decide what kind of traveler you are …

The hard part about setting out to do something this epic is reining back on the epic-ness of it.

Personality wise – I like to do everything big. If I had it my way, I would have a spare-no expense, round the world DECADE where I travel constantly to live everywhere for at least a month.

But alas, my meager savings and upcoming lack of a career seems to make this a little too ambitious of a plan. yet still, I want to max out this trip, so I had to determine what kind of trip I wanted, and how much I can foresee spending. So I had to formulate my travel planning mantra to really whittle down – what I want out of the trip.

What I want / My Travel Mantra:

I want to travel through all the continents (excluding Antartica), to see and experience most of the countries / destinations that I dreamed of seeing, be immersed in the cultures of each place and gain insight into local living at certain places. I want to eat well, travel with minimal baggage, read a lot and visit my friends around the world. I want the flexibility to be able to travel where the wind takes me while keeping in mind there are places I must not miss. I want a year to remember, where I get to also explore business opportunities that will enable me to travel extensively.

That said, these are my rough budgeting considerations:

1. Countries: Number of Countries in each continent (priced out base on that continent’s average)

2.  Travel method:

– Will have to find a round the world travel deal (USD $3000 – USD $5000)

– Overland transportation & smaller flights

3.  Accomodations:

– Mixture of couchsurfing & hostels / small guesthouses

4.  Other:

– Food & Alcohol

– Entertainment

– Visa Fees

5. Pre-departure costs:

–  Gear

–  Vaccinations

–  Insurance

–  Electronics (new computer for my blogging needs)

6.  Contingency:

20% or if you have a detailed country hit list & length of time, you can utilize this awesome calculator that I found to calculate the accomodations, food & tickets to cheap attractions:

*keep in mind, this note from the website:

” This amount is an approximation based on a no-frills budget traveller staying in hostels or guesthouses, eating as cheaply as possible, travelling an average amount internally and seeing the typical sites. The above figure doesnot take into consideration the cost of:
  • Clothing and gear for on the road;
  • Expensive activities, e.g. cooking classes, skydives etc;
  • A heavy social lifestyle, e.g. alcohol, cigarettes etc.
Don’t be disheartened if this figure seems impossibly high! ”

Travel: $ 12,000For my rough budget <12 months:

Accomodations: $ 5000

Visa Fees: $1000

Food & Alcohol: $6000

Pre departure costs: $3300


Contingency 20%

= $32,760


Money Flying

Money Flying (Photo credit: Tax Credits)

A little higher than I had hoped but hopefully once I figure out my exact destinations & countries list, I can refine this and hopefully will come up with a more accurate and lower number (fingers crossed)


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