When I tell friends and family that I’m quitting my job to go travel the world for a year. Most responded with a mix of excitement, envy and curiosity. Mostly – they ask:

“But Why?”

I have a great job that I love, amazing friends, a great apartment, and I mean, I live in Los Angeles. Things could be much worse. No, I’m not depressed, I don’t need to run away from problems at home… In fact, I’m happier than ever!

The thing is, after college, I came straight out to LA to pursue my career in entertainment instead of taking that gap year to travel as I had envisioned.

The wanderlust was ever present but I chose to ignore it to focus on cultivating my career.

Little did I know, working in TV meant 10 days off / year.  Most of my vacation days were not spent exploring a new place, or if it did, it meant I didn’t get to go home and visit that year.

I envied those friends untethered to a 9-5, unchained from a desk and free to roam the globe.  The fear of leaving and not being able to return to this industry was enough to keep my hunger at bay. For awhile at least. Until one day, I had to really ask myself…

Why couldn’t I leave & come back, why couldn’t I figure out how to finance a yearlong trip around the world, whats keeping me?

When I realized all the reasons preventing me from going were self-generated and far from the truth, I made a decision.

I’m doing it. I am traveling around the world.

The thing you have to know about me is. I’m a responsible person, and most of all, I am the ultimate PLANNER. I’ve planned out our family vacations & my own since I was twelve years old. I don’t make split-second decisions on purchases. I research everything to death before making a decision or purchase. So I’m not the type to go grab a backpack and jet off with a one way ticket and no plan of action. I’d like to be. But for such a life-altering decision, it really took me awhile to let go and just say “I will figure it all out on the way”

So… WHY?
WHY the hell NOT. Because I want to.

This blog is a detailed description of how I’m figuring it out. Hopefully it can help you plan your year away or at least inspire you to take the leap

As someone said to me, “Even if you come home broke and jobless, there is no way in hell you’re going to regret spending a year traveling the world.”

True that.


Photo by Hans Isaacson on Unsplash



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