After a long, tense day, one thing is like comforting yourself in bed, as being in a workout routine. After all, who does not feel great when they have mastered what was once a huge challenge? While we fully support this sense of accomplishment (great work, guys and girls!), Sticking to the same old exercise program may hinder the outcome.

Use these 17 sabotage strategies to kick a stale routine off the curb and speed up your progress:

1. Extract your playlist

The sound of pounding through our headphones is very powerful – the right one can help improve energy efficiency and help us pass the most difficult moments in our fitness routines. Research has also shown that music at a certain pace may improve our motivation, reduce our efforts, and we are already devoting ourselves to exercise – which allows our bodies and minds to drive more.
Researchers believe the best tempo to practice a song is 125 to 140 beats per minute (when we do not sync the action to the music). In other words, past studies have shown that the faster the beat, the more intense exercise. In addition, synchronizing our actions to the beat of the music can actually improve your workout.

2.Grab a workout friend.
Whether it’s being a friend, family, or someone else, working with a partner can help us not only exercise but also motivate us to work harder. But not just any exercise partner will do it. Let us sweat with how long we can think of more suitable people as we can and how hard we can reach as high as 200 percent.

3. Add intermittent training to your routine.
Slow and steady does not win fitness competitions. Beat boring, save time and exercise with high intensity intermittent training (HIIT). Research shows that only three sprint intervals can be as effective as five longer, milder sessions.

4.Go out.
There are many reasons why we call it “great outdoor”: fresh air, landscapes, and of course fitness benefits. Exercise outdoor sports can enhance our vitality, make us feel more active and active participation, and help us to reduce tension, anger, confusion and frustration. Breathing some life back to fatigue exercise program is very solid. And this is not all. Past research shows that just five minutes of sweating can enhance our mood and self-esteem. Trenching gym has never felt so good.

5. More time-saving
This may sound paradoxical, but spending too much time in the gym may result in less than stellar results. Fortunately, studies show that 30 minutes of daily exercise can effectively reduce body weight and BMI to near 60 levels. By reducing training time, we may improve our energy and exercise desires. The action plan: save time and work out smaller, but more effectively do it. Develop a strength training program (stick with it once you’re at the gym), by combining the two motions into one motivation (for example, adding a shoulder press to a regular squat or bicep curl to a lunge), and Get more aerobic exercise.

6. Execution superset
We look forward to doing good things with the word “super” anything, superset is no exception. Performing a set of exercises one after another without stopping between them will maintain our heart rate, triggering a more effective calorie burn. Supersets will also help the body build muscle that will allow us to access the gym faster.

7.Cross the train
From a typical, go-for exercise branch will keep the body and spirit guessing. With each new and different exercise, we target different muscle groups, which can reduce the risk of injury, improve fitness levels and stay bored. In addition, cross detection can also be used as an active recovery technique.


8. Track your activities
While focusing on the quantity can cause disappointment and frustration, tracking down our physical activity and progress can help us find clever adjustments to increase our results. Pick up a brand new notebook and keep a fitness diary (such as a food diary). For a more tech-savvy approach, we recommend using the gadgets like Nike FuelBand, BodyMedia LINK Fitness Tracker to track your fitness online or to use any of these 64 awesome health and fitness apps.

9.Play a game
Avoid boredom and burnout, put fun back into your fitness routine. Consider signing up for the contest (plus a themed bonus points), joining a local team, or trying out other exercises such as dry-land surfing and anti-gravity aerial yoga. To exercise inspiration, equip your tech toys with a fitness app – they will help you become a better yogi, master interval training, and finish your training even faster and smarter.

10.Take a day off
In fact, the importance of exercise, it is important to have enough recovery time – but does not mean that each pain will not move. Add strategies, tools, and even moderate exercises such as these restorative yoga postures to speed recovery and help promote the healing process.

11. To obtain certification
We are ultimately committed to our favorite exercise – whether it’s Yoga, CrossFit, SoulCycle, or just regular strength training. Taking our fitness goals a step further and becoming certified as a personal trainer or coach is a great way to stay motivated, be a new fitness friend, and keep things challenging.

Between the daily source of stress and the stress of exercising, we have experienced a lot of our bodies. When our muscles are tense and do not work properly, it can cause our body to be unbalanced, which can cause injury or at least prevent us at the best. There are two ways to improve fluidity and increase your range of motion: roll the foam before strength training, and perform a steady, dynamic stretch warm-up.

13. Reconsider your warm up
Just as we need to preheat an oven, then put the food in and prepare the muscles before exercising is crucial. This means that not all warm-ups are equal. Static stretching, more traditional postures for 30 seconds or longer, can actually reduce muscle strength and strength. Our best choices are: Dynamic warming-up, stretching our muscles as we move, and preparing our body for our major workouts.

14.Back to basics
It is possible that we could all use the refresher courses on the exercise form. Back to the first step (even as a seasoned exercise warrior) can help maximize results and even teach us the first thing missed. Rediscovering the components of a movement is smarter, truly mastery of technology and more advanced changes.

15. Recruit a coach
Sometimes, we all need a little more help in the motivational department. Who better to give us an upgrade – and maybe even some much-needed hard-hearted love – not professional? In fact, research shows that having a personal trainer monitor our workout made the meeting more intense and achieved better results. Better yet, exercising with a coach seems to improve the future. People who work with personal trainers are more likely to gain weight, thinking they are harder working on separate gyms than those who have been exercising.

16. emphasis on nutrition
If there is one thing we know, is the absolute “six packs” made in the kitchen. The diet has a huge impact on the appearance of the tearing core. Just because we made it hard to prove that we can not eat cookies and cakes, one day, doing so could actually delay our progress. Consider keeping a food diary to track the impact on performance of some diets and loading these healthy, fully affordable foods when eaten at a cheaper price.

17. sleep more
Getting too little Zzz is not just a matter of our concern: Studies show that it may affect how much time we spend at the gym the next day and may even increase our packaging pounds. In turn, exercise seems to improve sleep quality over time. Therefore, whether it is sneaky nap, or sleep well at night, can help us improve fitness results.


Photo by Alex Alvarado on Unsplash


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