Phil Heath After graduating from Denver University, in the fourth-grade basketball game, I decided to knock down the business world and all the usual stuff. Instead, he devoted hours of swelling at the gym and then put on very small skivvies to show off his physique in front of thousands of spectators. In just a few years, Heath from a basketball star into a professional fitness mouse, he made the fitness world all the rage.

The 33-year-old giant, affectionately known as the “gift,” is a two-time champion of Olympia, the annual champion of the world’s best bodybuilder (also debuted Arnold Schwarzenegger’s career title ). In 2003, Heath participated in his first game – the Rockets National Fitness Championship – and took the championship. Ten years later, he was the biggest name in bodybuilding (but seriously, he was huge).

We talked to the Hulk like superstar for his seven daily meals, fostered an intellectual game and starred in the role of this year on behalf of Iron (the 1977 series remake weightlifting, starring Ahhhnold himself). Learn how he moved from the venue to the weight room, and in the process shaped an award-winning body.

What does Phil Heath need for a day?
Steak and pasta, of course. The normal breakfast for me is a half cup of egg white, eight ounces of roast chicken and a cup of semi-oatmeal.
What food do you have to avoid during training?
Any type of fast food. Especially before training, even if it is a cheat day.

What does “cheat day” mean? Do you insist on a cheat meal or all day?
If I cheat, it’s just a meal. Often, during my off-season (focusing on buildings), I may cheat every four or five days and then I seldom do any cheating before the start of the race (four months before the match). I’ve been performing for 10 years and I can count on how many times I cheat, let alone cheat, while preparing for the game. But when I did that, I had a great time. I do not mind a good Pizza, I absolutely do not mind a good beer.

How does your training change from a team-based sport such as basketball to a one-man sport like bodybuilding?
With fitness, we target specific muscle groups, and in basketball, we are doing more explosive exercises. In bodybuilding, we work in an area for an hour or two, while in basketball we have 30 minutes and you’re done. You go for three days a week, that’s it. Now I’m training – single weight, not even aerobic exercise – usually about 20 hours a week, usually more than 6 days. I have the luxury of training at any time.


Do you have absolute fear training?
You wake up a few days and you are looking at your schedule and say, “How can I find time to get this workout?” After the gym, I had another 15 hours of work – meeting or meeting and greeting , Running my own website – a lot of business stuff. I always tell myself I can rest for a day, but this will not help me anymore. Fortunately, now we have a lot of motivation things, such as you can watch some famous people video on YouTube before you train, and then kill it. Sometimes I hear Tony Robbins you start really having the fact that you are special, in order to achieve a higher level, you have to devote that time. One of the cool things about fitness is what you get.
Apart from training and shaving, what are the mental problems with Mr. Olympia?
This is far more than people think. You have to have the fact that you do this first because you really like it. Early, I think a lot of boys and girls will be problems because of their body. Maybe some of them picked them or they tried to impress others. Sooner or later, you will have to rethink your thoughts and say, “Hey, look, I really just did it because I like my feelings and my appearance.” Every day I have a chance to get better or Worse. Not in the middle Without such a thing, the practice is perfect. For me, it tries to lead a perfect life-style. Everything related to my goal applies. There is nothing beyond that goal.

Do you have any mandala when you are training or on stage?
I usually tell people that if this is easy then everyone will do it. If you want something you have never had before, then you must be willing to do things you have never done before. I looked at the weights and said: “It would be a bad day for you and a nice day for me.”

Can you tell me something about your new movie, Generation Ironman and the Arnold shoes?
Obviously, the same talk with Arnold Schwarzenegger is phenomenal. Never had my craziest dream, I think I can do it, especially my background is a former basketball player. But now, we are here, it’s awesome. The first generation of iron is in the same format as Iron. I am very excited and honored to be king of the mountain. I hope people really hone our hard work and dedication. I can show people that I can be both fun and serious at the same time.
What makes you stand out from your competition apart from muscle and perfectly trimmed toenails?

Many bodybuilders are introverted. I am on your face. I’m almost like a WWE wrestler. People ask me: “Will you win?” There is no disrespect, but what kind of problem is this? To me, just as when Jobs was working at Apple, “Do you think the new iPhone will kick the ass?” I think Arnold shared that intense bluff with me. I do not like to use the word arrogance, because we have a lot of self-confidence in this industry. But you have to have a big mind to succeed. Some people may say that I am arrogant, but I just want to remind some people that I am not good, I am fine.
Can you tell me your nickname “gift”?
For me, this has nothing to do with the gift given to the world. This is a gift I have, not just one. Obviously I’m happy to be able to do what I did on the stage, which is a given. But we all have a present, which is our work to share with the world. At some point you will be asked to do something that you have been very successful with. This is not a career path I knew when I was in college, but I’m happy that I can get involved because I can affect people.


Photo by Edgar Chaparro on Unsplash


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