This ultra-durable backpack and suitcase provides a waterproof rating of up to 50 meters (164 feet) and floats so well that you can use it as a temporary life raft. There are other tricks on its sleeve, like an inflatable shockproof pad for delicate electronics.

Sweden’s Subtech Sports claims its Drybag 2.0 series is the most extreme package in the world, and we think they have a good argument there. There are three packages in the series: a 45-liter backpack, a 100-litre bag and a 95-litre handbag.

In addition to the extreme waterproof grade, these bags have air and waterproof zippers, and the test pressure is 7 psi. The external material is durable thermoplastic polyurethane fabric with welded joints, very much like making a decent inflatable raft. Because they are sealed, they float in water filled with water, even enough to carry adults as temporary life rafts.

The 45 liter Pro Drybag is equipped with an additional inflatable lining system to prevent the impact of your sensitive electronic devices. If you don’t have anything to worry about, you can narrow the whole thing and see that the amount of the package jumps to 57 liters.

Optional additional internal packaging systems and separation units allow you to separate items, and the entire item is small enough to be used as carry-on baggage on a flight.

A 100 liter Pro Drybag can also be used as a backpack or as a travel bag, depending on its shape. It comes with an internal separation system to help pack, and when you don’t use it, the whole thing becomes very flat. Its weight is 2.48kg (5.5lb), including all parts and parts, and if you leave the internal compartments, straps and belts at home, the weight is half.

A 95 litre handbag… It’s a 95 – liter handbag. It has a 620-gram (1.4-pound) ultralight function, and has an internal-mesh pouch for keys, mobile phones, etc.

Subtech USES it as a series of extreme sports packs for flapping, kite surfing and freestyle skiing. But there are reasons to think that these look like an attractive option for anyone to get outdoors, especially if there is a kayaking or not involved.

The whole thing makes us wish we had more extreme things to do. The Pro Drybag series has been targeted by Indiegogo, with 45 of them selling for $279, $349 for a 100-litre Drybag and $69 for 95. There are also quality standards for a variety of package combinations, and if all goes according to plan, the company says it will start delivery in July.


Photo by Charles Gaudreault on Unsplash


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