Six-pack abs. Our founders got them in six weeks, but why are there a few weeks to speed up the process? I really want to know if I can finish it in a day. I am like Willy Wonka’s Veruca Salt and Chocolate Factory, and my metaphorical golden egg is a rock-solid double temptation, counting on their six pack abs. I have already made up my mind: Now I want them.

Program: Consulting cutting-edge exercise and weight loss research to form a foolproof plan that addresses fat from all angles. I invested in a day’s calculated diet, exercise, and lifestyle, and then recorded the progress of my life with photos.

6:27 – 007 am
When I got up from bed, I knew I was a huge challenge. I advanced the alarm a full hour earlier so I could squeeze three sets of 200 situps (a two-gallon jug filled with lemon and four frozen blueberries) before breakfast. Next, I strapped to a vibrating flexible belt, the first Belt Coloring System approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for toning, tightening, fastening and strengthening the abs Paragraph guarantee). There was a seven inch stain in my pit when I was on the train, and I did not even move.

11:15 am – Ding Ding Ding Dong rabbit
The first sign of rumbling in the morning belly, I direct for the carrot. Call me crazy, but I have a genius to kill – a stone plan. While my colleague headed Chipotle and Just Salad I know a major carrots – only a diet will give me the perfect orange glow and really bring out my natural silhouette. And before you mocked me eating all these carbohydrates, I ordered a low-carb carrot to defeat the bloat. I ate 11 carrot sticks – the soft waistband always made me hungry.

2:45 PM. – All or nothing
I cleared up the office space and collected exercise equipment recommended by our expert trainers – Shake Weight, Flexor Flex and Ab Rockets. I peeled off my clothes and put on the sauna suit I ordered the previous week. I did three sets of 100 inverted sit-ups and then blew off some steam on the Ab Rocket (while accumulating more steam in my suit). After that, it returned to the bar and was supported by my current leg and blisters and pulled out three sets of inverted sit-ups. I will not lie – I was suppressed. I was also a bit humiliated, hung in a business place, miserable, wearing a huge black trash bag like my father used to pull out sloping leaves. Sweat gathered in the doorway. If I ruined the floor, my boss threatened to stop my salary, but I knew I had to turn on the power. Later, I gave myself a bland brown rice cake and a long cold shower. I have never felt so lonely.


4:30 pm – H2No
My picture was taken for a few hours now and it is time to reduce my drinking amount. I limit four drops of water every hour, which is a formula I encountered while studying online. Sounds crazy, right? But by manipulating my drinking amount before photography, like all fitness models, my muscle may be more pronounced at the end of the day. For the sake of accuracy, when my editor, Jordan, used a pipette to feed water, I had to head back. Man is my thirst.

6:30 PM – haha
After so many years of sweat, I was very excited to try Laughter, which is the latest trend in targeted abdominal fitness. I screwed up my colleague’s email for at least 35 minutes. Although my abdomen feels like an incinerator, I started to lose my focus on the computer screen and tired of those rude things. I knew I had to push it out within a full hour, so I shot a big gun. Each of my colleagues rubbed my feet in turn and added five minutes until I sweated working back. Walked for 10 minutes, I met an unknown tired wall in 22 years of life. My vision began to blur, I thought I wanted Ralph. Fortunately, David Tao, the great chief researcher, stepped in at the last minute.

8:00 – Say cheese
Now it’s time for big leaks. When the photographer was set up, her assistant sprayed me with cooking oil so I could shine more. When we were content with a bunch of glamor shots, I gave myself a glass of real water, a mexican band, and a beautiful white horse to rent a nice white horse to ride in Times Square to show off all my hard work.
Of course, I’ve accomplished my goal of achieving six pack abs in one day. But this is not a time when there is no attempt. I put some very important relationships at a deadlock, and I focused my attention to the limit. My puppy ran away from home and I was fired. When I asked him to feel my stone was hard, my boyfriend even broke his finger and he broke up with me.

I will do a one-day challenge again? Probably not. In the end, I can feel the remembrance of the fact that I sacrificed a day for some amazing results. However, as I relax on my waist down on the way home, I do not think it is worth the treats and lifestyle changes because there is too much difference in hardness between sapphire and diamonds.


Photo by Manny Moreno on Unsplash


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