Inflammation is not the sexiest fitness topic in daylight, but it is an important bodily reaction to injury. If we get a car accident, inflammation protects the injured joint by swelling; think of it as a group of warriors repaired from the immune system car. But chronic inflammation can cause a variety of harmful conditions, from heart disease to arthritis to Crohn’s disease. However, a new study shows that combinations of different types of exercise can be particularly helpful in controlling uncontrolled inflammation – and resist some of the nasty diseases in life.

How is this going?

Exercise can cause muscle contraction and increased circulation, which releases actin and cytokines – these compounds are essentially the body’s built-in icy heat. This process helps to control inflammation, restore the body and maintain optimal condition. But it turns out that some of the exercises – and combinations of these types – are more effective than the other exercises when triggering this response.

In a study examining 97 overweight men and women (BMI 25-40), Australian researchers created four different test groups to measure the effect of exercise on inflammation. The control group was given a placebo “dietary supplement” consisting of breadcrumbs and sugar-free sweeteners. The other group received 30-minute resistance training (such as leg press, bicep curls and bench press) for 5 days a week. The third group performed aerobic exercises on a treadmill for 30 minutes five days a week with 60% of their heart rate reserves (220 minus age and resting heart rate). The fourth and final group, with resistance and aerobic training five times a week for 15 minutes.

TNF – a significant marker of inflammation was reduced by 20.8% in the aerobic group compared to 26.9% in the resistant group. However, United Group dropped the most, down 32.6%. Perhaps not surprisingly, no significant reduction in bodily inflammation was found in those who ate bread crumbs and sweeteners.

Is this legal?

Yes. Although a significant portion of the decline in inflammation may be caused by fat loss, the combination of aerobic and resistance training is still the most significant decline. More research is needed to measure other important inflammatory markers other than TNF, but the study provides some quite significant evidence to incorporate aerobic and tolerability training into exercise routines (although it is worth noting that Tests are conducted for overweight individuals only). We will do our best to help because controlling inflammation can reduce the large number of negative health risks we have along the way.

However, it is important to remember that excessive exercise can lead to over-training, which in itself can lead to stress and – you guessed it – excessive inflammation. So when choosing a workout plan, be careful to enter new activities with ease. In order to obtain the most comprehensive health benefits, resistance training and aerobic training combine to bring them together.


Photo by Dollar Gill on Unsplash


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