Crispy shell and cauliflower

Even stir-fried cauliflower will feel the decadence of the cheese crispy crust. Be careful not to overcook your pasta because it will continue to cook in the oven.

Roast macaroni and milk with pork, Italian whey and lemon

In Pasquale Jones, Manhattan, chef Ryan Hardy and Tim Caspare teamed up to produce this luxury baked pasta. The key is the tender beef stew and its cooking liquid, which is made into macaroni sauce. They paired the rich pasta with a JL Chave Selctions 2013 Circa saint-joseph.

That huge shells 
 pork and ricotta cheese making

Justin Chapple of Food & Wine has filled the seashells with pork powder. Be sure to use your favorite tomato sauce here.

Baked macaroni and broccoli, green olives and Pancetta

Hugh acheson did not use ketchup, but made his version of ziti with a strong sweet roast tomato.

Grilled macaroni with cooked sausage and mozzarella

Chef Paul kahan joins in this comforting Italy with fresh cheese, cooked sausages, eggs and a rich ragumac and cheese.

A tacky roast spaghetti with sweet potatoes and lardikeo

The indulgence of the formula, the celebrity chef Suzanne Goin AOC recipes adapted from 2013, the thick tube muffin macaroni and cheese sauce, sweet potato pieces, chicory slice, pecans and more cheese

Sausage and cream cheese

This hearty pasta dish is studded with chunks of salami and is added to a tomato sauce that is quickly infused with garlic. Then with fresh ricotta cheese, sprinkled with cheese and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, the pasta is baked into a cheesecake.

Baked pineapple macaroni, spinach, Italian whey and Fontina

Quickly pick up the spinach and ricotta, which is very fast, because there is nothing. Fill it with cooked rigatoni, then bake it in fontina and bake it golden brown.

Creamy tuna noodles Cazuela

Jarred piquillo and imported canned tuna from Spain add the Iberian flavor to the classic American tuna casserole, which makes it more elegant, but retains its original flavor.


Photo by Nicholas Grande on Unsplash


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